How does it work?

Repairing your device has never been so easy. Take 4 simple steps and you are done!
first step

First step

Book it online

Choose the device you want to fix, when do you want us to pick it up and relax, the hardest part is over.

second step

Second step


Sit up and wait for our messenger to come and get your device wherever you are in the spanish peninsula territory. The magic is about to happen.

third step

Third step


Your device will be fixed by our team of industry certified technicians, we'll leave it nice and ready.

fourth step

Fourth step


The moment that you were expecting is here, get your device back just like new and go back to your life. Fast and simple!

Don't pay until the device is successfully repaired

With Fixify the payment will take effect once your device is successfully repaired


What makes us different

three days of repair
48h-72h repair From the day we pick it up to the device comes back to you.
free delivery
Free delivery No costs, no extras. Wherever you are in Spain (only peninsula), we'll deliver for you.
one year guarantee
1-year guarantee If something about the repair is not right, it's on us, don't worry.

Your privacy and security are the first and most important thing

For us your privacy and security are really important, and that's why we ask you to take a minute and follow the next steps:


Remove your SIM card and your SD memory card from your phone and keep them in a safe place.


Pack your phone in a box or a bubble rap bag for the shippment.


To be more safe, you can writte your name and phone number on the box.


Have it ready for when the messanger comes to pick up your device.

Brands we work with

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Don't worry even for a second, track your device at all times.

Remember that with Fixify we are not leaving you behind at any moment. With our tracking device service you are going to be able to know where your phone is at all times and what is happening. This way, we are ensuring peace of mind and we are keeping you informed.

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We are here to solve your problem

We know the struggle that a broken phone can cause. That is why we offer you a fast and simple service, wherever you are without having to go anywhere.

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